Work from Home

3CX is optimised for remote teleworking, also greeting messages can be easily enabled.

If your worried about losing calls, and a divert to a mobile is not enough, we can quickly set up the 3CX Phone System for you.

Your team members can each have their own extension working on a mobile app or laptop / PC or MAC, 

We can enable a VOIP Line for you allowing users to make and recieve calls and you keep your phone number

3CX is a powerful system, hosting is free of charge for 6 Months after which we can host it for you or it can be moved to another host.

During this COVID 19 Crises we have moved numerous clients to the 3CX Cloud allowing their staff to work from home

3CX App and Webphone are free

If you need to be up and running quickly contact me by email  or phone 01 8853000

YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE 3CX Phone System here by clicking on the below link, or we can do the whole lot for you

Download 3CX Standard Edition here for free

The 3CX Standard edition is free of charge and has capacity for up to 25 extensions, this can be upgraded to unlimited extensions with paid version.

Our Charge to set up 3CX for you is very competitive, we will set the system up completely for you, you dont have to do anything other than let us do what we know best. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide a price that works for you.

Cashin Telecom was set up by me, Peter Cashin in 1988, so we are over 30 years installing and supporting phone systems.

We are at the fore-front of technology, offering VOIP Phone Systems for all sizes of Business and Organisations.

We offer the 3CX Phone System and we also offer our Cloud PBX “Cloudtel”

We have the experience and expertise to support you, we will work ceaselessly to solve any customer support issue, Cashin Telecom will not let you down.

We welcome your inquiry and please contact me, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


Peter Cashin