Save money with our low cost Line Rental and Call Charges

Have a call Queuing system with information about your practice opening hours.

Have your calls recorded so that you know your customers are being looked after by your team.

Answer the phone remotely and take bookings and transfer calls to the Vets if required.

Message Service with messages also emailed to you, means you wont loose a message or a customer!

Install Wireless Headsets so you can take a call by just pressing a button on the headset.

Run a report on all calls made and received with our call reporting application.

Paging System with IP Speakers or through Phone Sets will alert which customer is next.

CCTV Can record operations, provide security for your premises and give you peace of mind when your not in the practice.

Network points for Visa Machines to allow fast authorisation through broadband (with 4G Failover)

Door Intercom can be stand alone or connected to the phone system and can be with or without video.