Professional Practices

Professional Practices

Save money on Line Rental and Call Charges by moving to our VOIP Lines

Allow staff to work from home with a IP Phone, or Mobile App, or Softphone for PC or MAC using a USB Headset for Audio.

Also in office, Choose from a range of IP Phones, or USB Headset with the softphone app.

Calls can be recorded if required

Use Web Meeting for a secure video conference, which you can record, share screens and documents.

Depending on your requirements, we can have a Reception user answering the calls (from anywhere) and then transferring the call to the required user (can be anywhere)

Or you can have several extensions ringing at once, which is fine in an open plan office, or we can set extensions to ring on a round robin basis

WIFI Access points can provide full coverage throughout the building

CCTV will allow you to keep an eye on the premises, even if your not there, and its all recorded.