We provide a variety of solutions, from Phone Systems, with low cost VOIP Lines or standard phone lines.

Typical install will consist of Phone sets at Reception Counter and Office with phone sets in Surgery Rooms.

We can limit the amount of incoming calls, so callers will get a busy tone whilst leaving lines available for outbound calls.

We can also fit a queue system so callers will be given a place in the queue.

Your callers can also be greeted with a message that you can record, telling callers opening hours after hours emergency numbers.

You can choose for callers to leave messages or not, if they do leave a message, it will flash on phone sets and you can also be emailed with the full message, so there is no danger of not getting the message.

Web Meeting will allow you to conduct a video call to your patient, the meeting can be recorded, also the patient does not need any software installed on their phone or PC / Laptop, it is just a secure link that you send them.

You can also send a document through the web meeting tool.

Video Intercom will show you who is at the door.

Patients in the waiting area can be paged to come in.

Installation of CCTV in Common Areas and outside to Secure your premises and patients.

WIFI with coverage where you need it.

High Speed Broadband with 4G/5G Failover, means if your main internet goes down, your still connected through the Mobile Network.