Case Study - City Colleges:

Case Study - “City Education Group”


This case study covers the challenges Cashin Telecom faced, the solutions Cashin Telecom provided to the challenges and the outcome for City Education Group. There is also a brief background of who City education group are and more information on City Education Group at the end of the case study.


City Colleges is made up of 4 Colleges located across Dublin. City Colleges, Ashfield College, College of Progressive Education, Oscars International. They were using a Single Hosted Phone System within 3 Colleges and a 4th College had its own phone system. They wanted these existing desk extensions to work in users home offices. 


There were a number of Challenges presented to use from City education group. There were numerous call quality issues, poor support and billing was expensive, plus the 4th College needed to be integrated. Te 4th college had also already invested into a lot of Panasonic IP Phones and needed to use these in any new platform. 

Solution:david paschke 2KOACBlq8mo unsplash

Cashin Telecom, did an in depth survey of the four city college locations. The in debt survey identified and resolved some issues in the configuration of firewalls and broadband.

Cashin Telecom then installed the 3CX Phone System in the Cloud and replicated all existing call routing. We then ported City Education Groups's Numbers to 3CX. We connected all the Panasonic Phone Sets and also supplied some additional sets where required.

All 4 City Colleges, were connected to the 3CX Phone System and some users were also connected for home office working.


During the Corona Virus Pandemic (Covid-19), Cashin Telecom were easily able to convert existing desk extensions to work in users “Home Offices” for City Education Group using the 3CX Phone System.

About City Colleges:

City Colleges is an Irish provider of professional and academic education, based in Dublin. It runs college courses in Accounting, Business, Computing, Professional Law and Psychology, in Dublin City Centre and Dundrum. Wikipedia