Cashin Telecom, have been supplying and supporting phone systems for various types of Business and Organisation for over 30 years, have a look at the sectors below and solutions we have provided.



Education – Schools – Colleges Childcare

We provide a variety of solutions, from Phone System with extensions in Principal Office, Secretary, Staff Room, Teachers Rooms, Class Rooms.

Mobile app for staff and teachers

Door Intercom ringing phones

Public Address Paging, paging through phone sets. Speakers, you can make an announcement to one or all class rooms, from a mobile app or through your phone set.

WIFI, We install Access Points giving you full coverage throughout the premises.

Web Conference / Web Meeting, choose our 3CX Web Conference Solution for remote learning, No Software required, students connect with a secure weblink.

Full Web Meeting facility, including ability to mute participants, share documents, screen sharing and even record the meeting.

CCTV, Install CCTV throughout common areas and Specific Rooms

Medical- Doctors Surgeries – Medical Centres – Clinics – Opticians – Dental- Consultants

We provide a variety of solutions, from Phone Systems, with low cost VOIP Lines or standard phone lines.

Typical install will consist of Phone sets at Reception Counter and Office with phone sets in Surgery Rooms.

We can limit the amount of incoming calls, so callers will get a busy tone whilst leaving lines available for outbound calls.

We can also fit a queue system so callers will be given a place in the queue.

Your callers can also be greeted with a message that you can record, telling callers opening hours after hours emergency numbers.

You can choose for callers to leave messages or not, if they do leave a message, it will flash on phone sets and you can also be emailed with the full message, so there is no danger of not getting the message.

Web Meeting will allow you to conduct a video call to your patient, the meeting can be recorded, also the patient does not need any software installed on their phone or PC / Laptop, it is just a secure link that you send them.

You can also send a document through the web meeting tool.

Video Intercom will show you who is at the door.

Patients in the waiting area can be paged to come in.

Installation of CCTV in Common Areas and outside to Secure your premises and patients.

WIFI with coverage where you need it.

High Speed Broadband with 4G/5G Failover, means if your main internet goes down, your still connected through the Mobile Network.


Shops - Supermarkets

Typical installation is a Phone System with Low Cost Lines (VOIP), Phone Sets with Paging Speakers, located around store and at cashpoints.

Remote Extensions to answer calls anywhere with mobile app or IP Phone, no need to give out mobile phone number, your shop line can be answered on your mobile phone.

Mobile Headsets for staff to answer calls by just pressing headset.

Network points for Visa Machines to allow fast authorisation through broadband (with 4G Failover)

CCTV to Secure your premises

WIFI giving you coverage throughout the premises

Paging System to announce special offers, communicate with staff and customers, You can make a page through a mobile APP or IP Phone (even if your not in the premises!)

Hair and Beauty

Hair Salons and Beauty Clinics, benefit from Auto Attendant to Announce Opening Times.

Calls can be answered in the Salon or even remotely on users app or IP phone.

When callers leave a message (say to confirm or cancel a booking) it will flash on phone sets and you will also be emailed with the full message, so there is no danger of not getting the message.

Link your booking system to the phone system so that callers contact page can be easily opened when they ring.

Benifet with low cost calls with our VOIP lines.

CCTV will record who is coming in and out of the premises, and you can view different parts of the Salon from your mobile phone or on Flat Screen’s

WIFI will be installed for both staff and Customers

Paging Speakers can be installed with Background music and you can announce special offers and information for customers

Network points for Visa Machines to allow fast authorisation through broadband (with 4G Failover)

Professional Practices – Accountants-


Architects- Consulting Engineers-

Insurance and Pension Brokers

Save money on Line Rental and Call Charges by moving to our VOIP Lines

Allow staff to work from home with a IP Phone, or Mobile App, or Softphone for PC or MAC using a USB Headset for Audio.

Also in office, Choose from a range of IP Phones, or USB Headset with the softphone app.

Calls can be recorded if required

Use Web Meeting for a secure video conference, which you can record, share screens and documents.

Depending on your requirements, we can have a Reception user answering the calls (from anywhere) and then transferring the call to the required user (can be anywhere)

Or you can have several extensions ringing at once, which is fine in an open plan office, or we can set extensions to ring on a round robin basis

WIFI Access points can provide full coverage throughout the building

CCTV will allow you to keep an eye on the premises, even if your not there, and its all recorded.


Save money with our low cost Line Rental and Call Charges

Have a call Queuing system with information about your practice opening hours.

Have your calls recorded so that you know your customers are being looked after by your team.

Answer the phone remotely and take bookings and transfer calls to the Vets if required.

Message Service with messages also emailed to you, means you wont loose a message or a customer!

Install Wireless Headsets so you can take a call by just pressing a button on the headset.

Run a report on all calls made and received with our call reporting application.

Paging System with IP Speakers or through Phone Sets will alert which customer is next.

CCTV Can record operations, provide security for your premises and give you peace of mind when your not in the practice.

Network points for Visa Machines to allow fast authorisation through broadband (with 4G Failover)

Door Intercom can be stand alone or connected to the phone system and can be with or without video.

Senior Care

Manage your calls to and from your clients efficiently

All calls are recorded and logged so that you can run reports on calls made and received and answered on time.

Call Q, allows users to login to take calls, and the Supervisor can see who is logged in and have an overview of the efficiency of your team.

Staff can be located anywhere as long as they have broadband.

Staff use headsets to handle the calls and take notes while handsfree.

All care workers can have a free mobile app allowing easy communication.


Save Money on low cost calls and Line Rental

One System can cover Head Office and All Site Offices

Calls can be recorded, so that there is no discrepancy on job details or orders over the phone.

Provide each of your team with a free mobile app so that you can easily communicate

Site Offices can communicate with HQ through IP Phones, Mobile Apps or Soft Phones for PCs and Apple MAC

No need to have fixed lines in Site Offices

CCTV will record who is coming in and out of the site

WIFI will give you coverage wherever you need it

Broadband is provided over 4G / 5G or via ADSL / Fibre depending on Availability


Parish Office

Religious Orders

Missionary Organisations

Answer the phone from anywhere, in Parish Office, Mobile App

If not available callers will leave a message and you will get the message on your Office Phone, Mobile App and by email attachment, meaning you can easily retrieve messages.

WIFI can be installed in Church / Hall to allow video streaming for on line mass / on line ceremonies.

Use the web meeting / Video Conference to Record and then Stream Mass / Ceremonies over the internet

Use the web meeting to communicate securely to your network

Missionary Organisations, can communicate with our free mobile app to all clergy wherever in the world they are (if they have internet coverage)

This will save money on long distance phone calls  

CCTV will secure the premises and provide peace of mind allowing you to view from mobile app from anywhere.


Benefit from Low Cost Line Rental and Call Charges

Communicate with staff through Mobile App or through IP Phones with Loud Ringers and Strobe Light.

Paging Speakers fitted throughout the premises can be paged through phone sets or Mobile App

WIFI Access points installed CAT5 / 6 Cabling will give coverage where ever you need it.

Door Intercom with or without Video can ring phone sets and even loud Bell / Strobe Light

Office Staff can work in office or at home with mobile phone extension app or PC / Apple Mac Softphone or IP Phone (network connection required and we can fit if needed)

CCTV Can secure premises and also record assembly line / manufacturing process while also recording persons entering and Leaving Premises

Motor Industry

Car / Commercial

Agricultural Showroom

Typical Installation will include

Phone System installation with or without low cost VOIP lines and Call Charges.

Digital Receptionist to field calls and provide opening hours

Welcome to ABC Cars

Dial 1 for Sales

Dial 2 for Service and Parts

Dial 3 for All other inquiries

Public Address Paging System will allow staff to be paged as well as communicating with customers special offers (and back ground music if required)

Loud Bell / Strobe Indicator in workshop to alert phone ringing

Door Intercom can be fitted which can ring phone sets

Accounts and Admin Staff can work remotely with mobile phone app , softphone or IP Phone (Network Connection required)

One Phone System can work for all Branches

CCTV can secure your premises and log all persons entering and leaving premises.

WIFI will give coverage inside and out





We have a solution for your Hotel / Bar / Restaurant

From systems with just a hand full of extensions to hundreds of Extensions

Benefit from Remote Extensions allowing calls to be made and received outside the premises as well as inside.

We can provide multiple lines at low cost line rental

Integrate with Front Desk System for call billing

WIFI with coverage wherever you need it

Existing Standard sets can be retained when upgrading system.

Or can be replaced with low cost sets

CCTV can cover anywhere required.

Separate Broadband installed for Guest Rooms Meeting Rooms and Common Areas

Intercom Can be fitted on any amount of Doors and can ring Reception of Night Porter.