Cashin can provide for your organisation our UNIFI WIFI solution which will deliver full coverage in all areas.

We use UNIFI Long Range Access Points that allow wide coverage, for example, one Long Range Access Point can cover 3 Floors, Cashin Telecom can work carefully with you to design and plan a WIFI Installation, that will have minimum amount of access points and high speed internet.
For example some of the customers we have supplied WIFI in the City Centre Locations such as Georgian Buildings in Baggot street and Waterloo Road, have delivered excellent WIFI with just 3 to 4 Access Points at a cost less than 2K.
We have come across installations, where Eircom standard ADSL Broadband was connected to some low end access points and very Poor WIFI was available, we then in a combination of upgrading broadband to E Fibre or Virgin Broadband and installation of our UNIFI WIFI Access points delivered a High Speed WIFI Solution.

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Schools and Colleges are also ideal customers for our UNIFI WIFI, by installing long Range UNIFI AC Access points we provide high speed WIFI Access for Laptops, I Pads and Android.
In addition we can offer Access Points with Built-in Speakers and the WIFI System is also a PA System.

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