Phone System Divert Tips

Phone System help guide during the Covid19 cries

  1. Put a message on your phone system giving out a mobile number for your clients to phone

  1. Ask your provider to divert your main number to your Mobile (note, you will have to pay for each call you receive at a landline to mobile rate.

  1. You may be able to route calls to a mobile while also ringing your office number, this can be done with the AVAYA Phone System using the twining function

  1. Contact us and we will set up the 3CX Phone System for you, your numbers can be diverted to the 3CX or we can port your numbers (that way you wont have to pay for each call you receive) and your call rates will be lower than your currently paying.

So what is so good about the 3CX?

  1. Caller ID
  2. Call History (shows missed calls, calls made, calls received
  3. Voicemail Messaging including Voicemail to email
  4. Auto Attendant
  5. Busy Extension Status
  6. Web Chat (you can put a link on your website and you can be chatted to or called)
  7. Video Conference /Web Meeting, as a 3CX user, you have full access to the 3CX Web Conference
  8. Your users can be anywhere, all working from their own locations

So What do you get with the paid Versions? 

So what’s the cost?

Charges are as follows

  • 3CX is free for the standard edition and “paid for” editions are charged on an annual license see link here
  • 3CX Hosts your system free for up to 6 month or we will host your 3CX in our data centre at a cost of €30 per Month
  • Our installation charge is from €200 for a remote install and we have set systems up with 100 extensions for less than a €1000, so call to discuss your requirements and you will be looked after.
  • Our Standing charge for a VOIP line is €5 ex Vat per month, so 4 lines = €20 ex Vat per month, Standing Charge decreases as you scale up, our call rates are seriously low!.