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Check out the Fixed Line to VOIP Line Comparison (prices quoted exclude VAT)

Phone Line Type


Monthly Charge

Equivalent VOIP Line Charge

Monthly Saving

PSTN line

This is a single phone line, known also as an analogue phone line




That’s an 82% Saving per line


This is known as a digital line, allows 2 calls at once and has 2 Numbers




That’s a 75% Saving

Fractional ISDN Line

Digital Line with 16 Channels allowing 16 calls at a time




That’s a 61% saving

Primary Rate ISDN Line

Digital Line with 30 Channels allowing 30 calls at a time




That’s a saving of 55%

VOIP Line Call Charges.

Call charges Vary with fixed line operators, often charging for “Bundles” that are not fully used.

Rates for calls to mobiles from fixed line providers can be as much as 30 cent per Minute, and vary depending which mobile provider your calling. Rates tend to be from 12 cent to 28 cent per minute.

Our Charge is fixed at 10 cent per Minute to all Mobiles in Ireland

Calls to landlines in Ireland also vary with providers

Our Charge is fixed at 2 cent per minute to all landline calls in Ireland and the UK

Calls to international Numbers are also cheaper than fixed line providers

Porting Charges

When moving to VOIP, there is a porting charge levied by all operators.

Our once off charge per number is €7 per Number porting charge