Be Productive

Being Productive is easier said than done, but the below features of the 3CX System can certainly assist you in your business, not only that Cashin Telecom will set these functions up for you and include training on how to use the system to your benefit.

Have a look at the feature benefit table below.


Description and Benefit

Work from Anywhere

We can provide a VOIP Phone that will work in your home, holiday home or branch office.

We can provide a Mobile App with your Extension working on your mobile phone.

We can provide a Softphone App that will allow your extension to work on Laptop / PC or Mac

You just need Broadband or 3G / 4G / 5G for connection

Call Recording

Cal Recording is an option with the 3CX System and you can have all calls or just external calls recorded on specific extensions, and we can offer a stop start recording button if you need to cease recording (for card payments ) or if you want to record a call whilst already on the call

Call Logging and Call Reports

“What is measured is managed” This is an option on  3CX where you can tailor your own reports and have them emailed to you or several users, With Call Centre Working on 3CX you can have more detailed reports showing SLA (Service Level Stats) showing calls answered with a certain time frame, calls dropped in Queue, Average time to Answer.

Web Conference

3CX Includes Web Meeting, similar to Zoom but without a monthly charge, you can hold web meetings for up to 250 Participants and the meeting can be recorded, it includes full screen sharing, file sharing and remote control of a participants PC / Device

3CX WEB Meeting is easy to use and does not require software to be installed on a participants or hosts PC

Call Queue / Contact Centre Working

Many of our customers use the Call Queue as an efficient way of handling calls. Users login to take calls and then calls are distributed to users equally or round robin, Callers are told what position they are in the queue and can be given the option to be called back.

Supervisors and Managers are alerted by email if calls are not being answered efficiently.

A web Wall Board can be seen on users PCs or even on Flat Screens


3CX offers WEB CHAT with a difference, web visitors requesting chat ring your 3CX web browser extension.

Handsfree Calling and Answering

You can make an internal voice call to a IP Phone Extension and the extension will answer automatically.

This is very handy in Kitchens / Store Rooms where your looking just for one person or need a quick answer.

CRM Integration

3CX Integrates with many CRMS (Customer Relationship Management Software) Such as Sales Force, ZOHO, MS Dynamics and lost more.

So when a customer is ringing you, their client details can be opened automatically on a single touch. So no looking up for your clients records.

You can also call a contact from the CRM Dial Icon, in addition all calls are logged in the CRM

Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist

The Digital Receptionist allows callers to choose which department they are looking for,

Dial 1 for Sales

Dial 2 for Support

Dial 3 for Accounts

Dial 4 for Information on Course

You can also have different greetings at different times of the day and days of the week.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail messages can be emailed to users as well as Flash on the phone extension, this means important messages can be emailed to several users.

Illuminated Call Parking Buttons

Easily pass calls to users by pressing the Park Key on IP Phone or Soft Phone, tell the called party which Key the call is parked on and they select the call when they are ready.

Much the same as a fixed line system where the call is held on Line 1 or Line 2 etc

Busy lamp Field

View which users are on calls or available on IP Phones or on the 3CX Softphone

No need to ring the extension to see if its busy, just glance at your IP phone or Softphone on your PC

Ring Extension and Mobile Simultaneously

You can have your extension on several devices and when called all can ring at the same time, calls can even ring your mobile


We can link the 3CX Phone System with your existing Public Address Paging System and you can make a page using your IP Phone Softphone or Mobile App

Door Intercom

We can connect a Door Intercom to the Phone System, when callers ring the Door Bell Intercom, it can call a number of extensions at the same time, you can even open the door from your phone extension or Mobile App