Voice Over IP



Low Cost

easyInstallEasy to Install

scaleScales Up or Down Easily

Why VOIP? Why Cloud?

  • Phone Systems installed in the Cloud running on Cloud Servers and Connecting to Cloud VOIP providers are reliable, secure, and can be managed remotely. 
  • The fact that the system is up all the time, means that if you cannot get in to your office, or your broadband is down, you can still receive calls with our mobile App or Softphone or calls can be directed to your mobile. 
  • Callers will still hear your Company Welcome greeting and are then transferred to the appropriate extension.

Why is our platform different to other providers?

  • You can choose any provider you wish, and are not tied in to a single provider, you can have multiple providers, we recommend Viatel and IP Telecom. 
  • You can have unlimited extensions and are not charged per user
  • Below are some of the functions on our 3CX Cloud System
  • Free Mobile Extension App
  • Free Softphone
  • Free Webclient
  • Free Web Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Logging
  • Multi Tier Digital Receptionist
  • Contact Centre ACD Queue and Agent Setup and Wall Board (Pro Version) 
  • Full Access to Web Portal to change settings on system
  • No charge per user on 3CX System

Any other Reasons to VOIP

  •  With VOIP Lines you to cancel your PSTN or ISDN Lines reducing significantly your monthly standing charges. (Check your phone bill and see what your currently paying)
  • Low Cost Call Tariffs, our rates are amongst the lowest in the industry, providing you additional savings on call usage
  • Moving Premises?? YOU KEEP YOUR NUMBER, when migrating to VOIP you retain all your numbers and these are then ported to our Cloud Provider. You can move from Dublin to Cork and Keep your Dublin Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need good broadband for VOIP?

Yes, good broadband is pre-requisite for good quality calls in your premises / organisation.

We can check if your location is suitable for high speed broadband. Or you can check on the Eir link

How much Bandwidth do I need for VOIP ?

You need 100K per VOIP Conversation, that is 1/10th of a Meg Upload Speed

That’s equals 10 calls per 1 Meg

If you have 3 Meg Upload, that allows 30 concurrent calls.

To check your internet connection try http://www.speedtest.net/

How can I be guaranteed good quality calls?

This is called QOS, or Quality of Service, we enable QOS on your Broadband Router, this prioritizes VOIP Traffic to be first above any other Data Traffic. If something is being downloaded or uploaded or video is being streamed on the internet it will not interfere with the Voice Call.

Is VOIP Secure?

Our Systems are password protected, and with the addition of a Session Border Controller on customers site a secure connection is made from the IP Phones on premises to the Cloud Server.

Calls to any specific destination can be restricted, in addition a credit limit can be applied to each account to limit unauthorised calls.