Phone Systems


3CX is a SIP Based IP Phone System which can be purchased as a perpetual license or an Annual License including maintenance updates.


Cashin Telecom have been installing Samsung Phone Systems since 1990, Samsung offer a range of Phone Systems starting at Samsung Office Serve 7030 (supports up to 8 lines and up to 16 Extensions and can support Fixed Lines or VOIP Lines and supports either VOIP, Digital or Analogue Extensions, the Office Serve also supports its own Mobile App and Softphone.


Cashin Telecom have been installing AVAYA IP Office Phone Systems since 2007

The AVAYA Phone System supports Fixed Lines and VOIP Lines and supports IP, Digital and Analogue Extensions.

Many of our customers have upgraded their lines from Fixed analogue lines to IP, delivering cost savings on call traffic and Line rental.

Contact us if you would like to review your AVAYA Phone System or upgrade your fixed lines to VOIP

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For standard installations where fixed lines are necessary, the Panasonic KXTES 824 Phone System is a reliable solution, allowing Panasonic Key Phones and Standard Phones to be connected.

The System supports up to 4 Door Intercoms, Caller ID, and Basic Auto Attendant and Voicemail.

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