Cashin Telecom can provide a intercom system suitable for your business / organisation, apartment building or home. We can provide a intercom linked to your phone system, door can be opened from any phone, even your mobile.

PBX Intercoms

2N provide a wide range of single button, multi-button and keypad intercoms.

They are connected to a analogue or IP extension on your phone system and can be programmed to ring any extension, extension group (several extensions), landline or mobile number.

See the 2N Intercom systems here

Guinaz is a modern Intercom, offering 2 wire Digital Intercoms, IP Intercoms, Audio and Video with Compact Video Monitors and optional Mobile App

Guinaz intercoms are ideal replacements for older intercom systems, they are competitively priced, high quality and simple to use.

See the Guinaz Intercom systems here

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